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Features of Quick2Cart

Joomla Content Integration

The Joomla integration comes with a content plugin that adds product related fields to the Joomla content editor & shows a nice add to cart widget on the frontend.

Zoo Integration

Thanks to Jan @Yootheme we have been able to get a tight Zoo integration together with a parameter field set for your Zoo items to add product information & a Zoo element to show the Add to Cart widget & pricing information on the frontend.

K2 Integration

The K2 Integration also comes with a nice Product area in each content item to let you manage product pricing information. It also lets you display the widget on the frontend.

Product Attributes & Attribute Options

Define product attributes & positive or negative price impact. Get great flexibility in defining products. Eg : DJ Headphone weight,size.


Silent Registration during Checkout Or Guest Checkout

Full flexibility to enable/disable guest registration & control the guest registration process by either using a quick registration/silent registration process.

Multiple Currency Support

Basic multi currency support to optionally let you specify product pricing in multiple currencies.

Basic Stock Management

Ability to specify in stock quantities for products & automatically subtract quantities on successful sales.

Out Of stock shipping Support

Out of stock shipping support to optionally let you you buy product in out of stock situation.

Minimum & Maximum Order Quantity

Ability to optionally set minimum & maximum order quantities per product.

Cart Display Module

Gives a quick snapshot of the user’s current shopping cart status.Cart contents can be made available to users on any pages needed. Config in module to display details / short info of what is in cart . Short display type will show information about cart items and total amount in current currency.
Detail display type shows detailed information about cart such as item name, item attribute name, attribute price, total amount in current currency.

Statistics Dashboard

One-stop to get all Q2C details like:

  • All-time total orders income
  • Periodic income- Calendar available to view the income of a particular period
  • Periodic orders- Pie Chart to give overview of Pending Orders, Refund Orders, Confirmed Orders.

Orders Management

Consists of the below details:

Order List- Displays the list view of the orders with pagination

Search Filter- Allows to search orders with filters like order status, free text keyword search

Delete orders- Facilitates to delete any order directly

CSV orders export- Allows to take a CSV export of the entire orders till date


Coupon Management

Consists of the below details:

Manage Coupons- Allows admin to create/update/delete/publish/unpublish coupons for the entire store on the site.

Create Coupon - A new coupon can be generated by mentioning details like: Name, Coupon Code,Enabled/disable, Value, Value Type, Max Uses, Max Uses per User, Valid From- To, Description, Parameter

Shipping Manager

Consists of the below details:

  • Allow to add new shipping charges as per location such as county,region,city.

  • Displays the list view of the shipping charges

  • Allow to delete shipping charges as per location

Switch ON/OFF shipping

On/Off option for shipping in the configuration of the payment settings

 Taxation Plugins for flexible Tax Calculation

To apply tax on purchase price, you have to enter tax value in "Taxation to Quick2Cart" plugin.

Order Notification Email

Order notification is send to user email address along with current order status.

 Affiliate Integration with Amigos, IdevAffiliate

Multiple Payment options

Quick2Cart comes powered with Techjoomla common payment gateway system for Joomla & supports over 10 payment gateways to handle your payment.

  • Paypal
  • Authorizenet
  • Linkpoint
  • Paypalpro
  • alphauserpoints
  • JomSocialPoints
  • PayBy Check
  • By Purchase Order
  • Payu
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking
  • 2Checkout (alpha)