Quick2Cart Go live Checklist

Post Installation, make sure that you follow the following steps to get Quick2Cart correctly setup before you go live. 

1 . Setup Product management in the CCK of your Choice using integration plugins or Setup Products using Native Product manager

The beauty of Quick2Cart is that it lets you use any CCK of your choice to do product management . So you don't need to learn a new Product manager .. But just pick a Content management component you love like Joomla content / Zoo/ K2 and configure it just like you normally would. Make sure you configure the integration plugins with your choice of CCk to manage your products. Refer Documentation about CCK integration here. 

If you are using Multivendor or you wish to use a Simplistic product manager, you can use our Native product manager as well.

2. Create the various Required Menus for both the CCK & Quick2Cart

Setup menus like My Orders, (Go to backend->Menu manager -> create different Menu Item for  Quick2cart views from available list)
Cart in your site. Also setup various product category/ item menus depending on the cck you are using. 

3. Setup the Quick2Cart Module to show the Cart in an appropriate position

The Quick2Cart module gives a quick snapshot of the items in the users cart & lets him do a quick checkout. Show this in a prominent place on your site. Refer Module Documentation here

4. SETUP the payment plugins 

Choose which payment plugins you want to use & configure them correctly. Refer Payment Plugin Documentation here.


Tweak the configuration for Quick2Cart to suit your needs. Refer documentation for the configuration here.

6. Want to Setup Quick2Cart for Multi-vendor?

Read our getting started guide here for extensive docs on how to setup Multi-Vendor & Social Ecommerce.