Payouts Manager for Quick2Cart

The Payouts Manager for Quick2Cart lets you easily manage payouts to your store owners. The report shows payouts made till date & the amounts due.

Clicking on New payout will let you select the Payee & the system will automatically show what is owed . As an admin you can choose to make the full payout or part of it.

  • Payout Id:  Payout ID
  • Payee Name: Name & username of the payee [entered at the time of campaign creation].
  • Paypal Email: Paypal email id of payee [entered at the time of campaign creation].
  • Transaction Id:  Transaction id for the payout.
  • Payment Status: Payout status (paid or unpaid).
  • Payout Amount:  Amount paid to payee.
  • Total amount to be paid out:  The amount to be paid to the campaign creator = (total amount) -(total amount excluded)-(total commission amount).
  • Paid:  The amount which is already paid out (distributed) to campaigns creators.
  • Amount remaining to be paid out:  The total amount that is yet to be paid out (distributed) to campaigns creators.

 Vendor payouts