Overview how TJvendor works with Quick2Cart

A general overview of how TJvendor works with Quick2Cart

The features TJvendor offers with Quick2Cart are listed below.

  • Setting Commission Fee for a vendor
  • Payouts against a vendor
  • Reports of Payouts for a vendor

To use the above-listed features a user has to register as a vendor for Quick2Cart.

The steps to register a user as a vendor are as follows.

  • a) If "Enable auto vendor registration?" is enabled in Quick2Cart

                    If auto vendor registration is enabled then the vendor profile of the user for whom the store is created will be auto-created i.e user does not need to register himself as a vendor separately. Also, even if auto vendor registration is disabled and a store for a user is created from the backend then also vendor profile for the store owner will be auto-created. 

  • b) If "Enable auto vendor registration?" is disabled in Quick2Cart

                   A menu item can be created for the vendor registration page on the site for the users to register themselves as vendor for Quick2Cart. To create the menu item you can use the TJ-Vendors menu item named Vendor.

If you are using Quick2Cart configuration "Send Payments Directly to Store Owner" OR if you are using Adaptive PayPal payment gateway or PayPal payment gateway then you can also configure the vendor-related payment configurations in the vendor's profile.