Maintaining attribute based inventory of product

Attribute based inventory.

From quick2cart v2.5 onwards you can maintain attribute based inventory for the products.

Note : - Attribute based inventory is only applicable for native products.

Following are the steps to add attribute based inventory against product.


1) Select product type.

If you want to maintain the attribute based inventory of a product then you have to select a product type as "variable" while creating the products, simple products cannot hold attribute based inventories.

NOTE :- Product type dropdown is only visible if "Use Stock" is enabled from quick2cart backend configuration, if "Use Stock" is disabled then by default products are made of type "Simple".





2) Select stockable attribute

If you have enabled the stock feature from Quick2cart's options and type of current product is Variable type then "Is Stockable Attribute?" field let you add stock for attributes.

NOTE: Only one attribute can be a stock keeping attribute for the product and by default all options are of SELECT field type and Compulsory.




3) Add Prouduct tag

Tags in Joomla are providing a flexible way of organizing content. Now in Quick2cart support tag for product. While adding or editing product, creator can create or add existing tag to product.

Also, now Quick2cart allowing to upload video for product, and it can display it on Product details page. For allowing to upload video while creating or editing product will need to enable video configuration from quick2cart configuration page