Integration with Jlike component

With the help integration of Quick2cart with jLike component, you can enable like/dislike, commenting and reviews & rating to Quick2cart's product

For native Quick2cart's product: (Deprecated)

  1. Install the latest com_jlike component
  2. Install the latest com_quick2cart 
  3. Go to plugin manager->JLike Quick2cart Plugin and configure the plugin. 
    *NOTE: This plugin work for Quick2cart's native products only.
  4. After this, your products are ready for jLike/dislike, Commenting, Review and rating.

For CCK:

  1. For different CCKs, we have developed the different plugins and most of these plugins are installed along with the Jlike package. So you have to enable respective plugin from plugin manager
  2. Install the latest com_jlike component
  3. Install the latest com_quick2cart
  4. Go to plugin manager, search plugins by respective content type and configure the respective plugin for CCK.

*NOTE: Reviews and rating feature is not implemented for CCKs.