Integration with Easysocial

Quick2Cart has a very tight EasySocial integration bringing an easy way to add 'Social Ecommerce' to EasySocial. To see how Quick2Cart becomes the 'SocialCart' with EasySocial, read on ! 

*Note that the features marked with the asterisk are not developed yet and are on the roadmap.

Every user can create their own Stores & start selling right away !

 Its dead easy for any EasySocial user to login & start selling their own products. Quick2Cart features Multi Vendor & Multi Store capabilities - which means you can let all your users setup multiple stores in your site & have them start selling stuff immediately !

If you wish only certain type of users to be able to participate as Vendors and create stores, you can just setup the ACL that way. 

Sell right on your Profile with the EasySocial Apps for Purchases & User Products

While Quick2Cart has a full interface to browse profile owners purchases & products, in a Social Network; its important that you can jump to the users products and stores & see their Products right on their profile. You can do this easily with the Quick2Cart Purchases & Quick2Cart Products applications for EasySocial. 

The Quick2Cart profile owner's Products Application

This application displays products from different stores of profile page user. Its very easy for users browsing the Profile page to quickly navigate to the stores & buy what they like !

We recommend you set this up so that its on by default. 

The Quick2Cart Products Application

This application shows the latest few products added by the user on his Profile page.  From there, its just one click to the Product details page to check out what its all about & buy it ! 

We recommend you set this up so that its on by default.

Go Viral With Activity Stream Integrations

We push activities to the EasySocial Activity stream when a user does various activities on the site. These activities include

  1. New Store Creation  for instance : Mark just created a new store named 'Mark's Creations' 
  2. New Product Creation for example : Mark just added a new product 'Amazing TShirt' in the store 'Mark's Creations' 
  3. Users Buying Products  for instance : Mary bought a product ' Amazing TShirt' from the store 'Mark's Creations' 

This is an extremely useful & important feature in Social Buying.. 

Vendor Commissions & Adaptive Payments with Paypal 

Quick2Cart has built in commissions when used in Multi Vendor mode. It means all commissions are calculated & a payouts manager can be used to keep track of them. If you use Paypal Adaptive commissions are completely automated & hands-free. 

Sharable Wishlists with jLike Integration

Not really specific to EasySocial but using jLike you can Like Products & add them to your own lists. Lists can be publicly shared as you wish. 

Following Features are Planned & Coming Soon* !

EasySocial Menu Bar Display*

Easily navigate between Quick2Cart & EasySocial without knowing you are passing back & forth with the EasySocial Menu bar display.

Products I Bought recently

This shows the Products the user has recently bought on his or her profile. Great way to get the word across to friends and promote more buying !

Multi Vendor Shipping Control*

We already have some basic shipping features but in true multivendor, each vendor should be able to control how much to charge for shipping & share to ship. 

Multivendor Tax Control*

In some cases stores maybe multi state & multi country which means taxes have to be configured on a store level. 

Pay with EasySocial Points

With our EasySocial points payment plugin you can use EasySocial points to buy products in Quick2Cart !

Points System Integration

Awarding points for various activities like Buying Products, Adding Stores & Products etc can help incentivize store owners & buyers to be more active on your Social Store !

Share & Like Products with EasySocial*

Get even more Social. Share Products on your wall & like em. Spread the word around with your friends !

Profile & Avatar Integration*

Right now Profiles are not really needed in Quick2Cart since we don't link to User profiles from Stores. However this is a very small but important piece that we shall add in upcoming versions. But we already have the ability to show Products & stores on the EasySocial Profile. 

People Who Bought this , People Who liked this with EasySocial Avatars*

Give it a personal twist by showing people you know (friends) who have bought a product you are viewing or bought from a Store you are viewing - People you know who bought from this store. 

Ability to use CCKs to manage Multivendor Products*

Right now only the native Quick2Cart Product manager supports multivendor. Future versions will let you use CCks to create multivendor products as well !