Configuring Facebook APP for social discounts


Setting up the Facebook Application to get APP Keys

  1. Go to

  2. Click on  fb8
  3. Select the Website as a platform from the popup shown.

  4. Now on the Next screen shown, you will find fb9 button, on right top side. 

  5.  Create an application with your site name . Give the Application a Generalised name for example your site's name. 


  6. After done with security check, you wil be redirected to the APP dashboard.  These go to Settings tab and click on Add Platform button


  7. Select Website as a platform again
     images-new site-documentation-invitex-fbapp addplatform web-535x372

  8. Enter your site URL in the  Site URL box shown

    Now again click on Add platform button given below the Website tab.


     9 . Finally you need to make the APP live so that you can use this app for all users.

               Go to tab "Status & Review" and set the app live.. (Make sure you have provided contact Email on Setting tab) 

fbapp status

 10) Insert the "APP ID"  to configure the share for discounts plugin.images-new site-documentation-invitex-fbapp keys-530x116