Configuring Common Payment Gateway

This documentation will help you configure the payment plugins and also test them.

You will find all payment plugins in backend plugin manager under type 'payment' type'. According to your need  you have to enable and configure the payment plugins.

Only selected plugin from backend->Quick2cart Options->Payment tab will be displayed on checkout page.

  1. You need to select Payment Gateway, you need in settings view from backend.

The following links are for documentation to set up common Payment Gateways and creating their respective developer accounts. You will need the developer accounts to test the payment gateways in test mode. Once you are sure enough that the gateway is working fine you can go for live mode.

Configure LinkPoint Account

Configure Account

Configure 2Checkout Account

Configure PayPal Account

For Payu gateway goto website for signing up and getting access to the test data.

If you want to send payment directly to the store owner, you have following options

Option 1.
You can use the Adaptive Paypal plugin.
For this,please follow the doc link for more detail. 

Option 2: Using the normal paypal plugin 

Using this option only work if admin doesn't take andy commission and user buy from only one store.

To setup this, please follow the steps

    1. Set commission as 0 from Quick2cart's settings.
    2. Enlable the single store checkout from Quick2cart's settings.->checkout tab -> from here enable the  "Force Single Store Checkout"  option.
    3. Make sure that each store owne have filled the valid paypal id while creating the store.


If you want to develop new payment gateway, refer the link where we have explained how the workflow of common payment gateway(CPG) API in details.
If you have any special requirement, feel free to add support ticket under the custom development category.



Same goes for CCAvenue gateway goto website to get the details.