Profile Based Suggestions ( Formerly Network Suggest)

The Features of our former Network Suggest Module have been incorporated in People suggest as the "Network Suggest" or "Profile Based Suggestions" mode. In this mode, Profile Fields of users are used to intelligently suggest other people on the site to the User. The configuration options or features of this mode are as below.

  • JomSocial / CB Integration option.
    Choose whether to fetch data from Community Builder or from JomSocial
  • Choose which Fields should be used for Profile Matching
    Ability to select which fields are used for matching profiles. Depending on the type of Social Network, Gender, Country, City, Interests, Job Profile, Education etc are the fields the admin might chose to configure for matching. Generally Any CB or JomSocial field based on the integration option chosen, can be used in order to find matching Profiles.
  • Matchmaking Mode
    You can configure the module to show people of the opposite gender. Great for matchmaking websites.
  • Photo based display
    Decide if you want to display users only if they have photos.
  • Profile Type Support
    If you are using it with the JomSocial Integration option, both native JomSocial Profile Types as well as XIPT Profile types are supported. With this feature you can choose to show only users of selected profile types.
  • Unlimited Copies
    You can create unlimited copies of the module in this mode & configure each module differently. Look at our Use Cases section for examples of how you can use this mode.
  • Show what matches
    Show what fields match to the end user. 

** Note that our former products Network Suggest for CB/ JomSocial have now been included in the larger People suggest product to give you a richer suggestions experience.