Typical Use Cases

In order to help you better understand the extension & give you ideas on how to use it, we have compiled some use cases. These are imaginary cases that we have compiled in order to show you the flexibility of the system. If you want to read actual cases of how customers are using the module, please look at the case studies article.

People Suggest in Priority Mode - for Typical Social networks

This is the most generalised case & applies to most general Social Networks. In this mode, People suggest will behave just like Facebook's "People You May Know" but with some additional capabilities.Use this mode to switch on the full power of the People Suggest system.

In this case the following logic order is used to Suggest friends

  1. Check for Suggestions based on Imported contact analysis (Needs Invitex)
  2. Check for Friend Recommendations ( Part of the package but needs to be configured separately)
  3. Run a Combination of Mutual Friend Analysis & Profile Suggest matching
  4. Run Mutual Friend Analysis
  5. Run Profile Suggest Matching

The above logic queue is built such that we look for the most relevant suggestions first & then move on to the next ones by priority. This mode when configured correctly will almost always give some kind of a match & always try to give the most relevant matches first.

Network Suggest Mode

You can setup the People suggest module to work Purely in Network suggest mode to suggest Friends based on similar profile fields. This behavior is similar to our former Network Suggest Module. You can chose what fields to match & create multiple copies if needed to make each module behave differently.

People with similar Interests

Choose fields that define a person like Interests, Lifestyle, Drinking Habits etc. In this case the module will show the best matching users based on matching the respective fields of the user. This is best for general network suggestions.

People from the same area

Choose location fields like Country, State, City, Zip code etc to find matching users based on location.

Professional matching:

Run a professional social network? Choose profession related fields like Profession, Job Title, Field of work etc. 

Dating & Matchmaking sites (Turn on Matchmaking mode)

Run a dating or matchmaking website? Switch on the Matchmaking mode & see the magic network suggest can do to find best matching profiles.Make sure you select relevant fields to get most accurate matches. Suggested fields are Interests, Lifestyle, Drinking habits, Gender (for matchmaking), location fields etc.

Network Suggest with Profile Type Integration (Only for JomSocial Users)

With its support for XIPT Profile types as well as native JomSocial Profile types, you can use this setting to filter the module to only show certain profile types.

Custom Development Use Cases

People suggest by itself can do a lot of interesting things & is extremely flexible. But if you have any special needs, we can help you out with some custom development to extend it further ! Here are a few interesting implementations that we have done for some clients.You can contact us for similar requests. 

Job Sites

Run a Job website & need to profile an intelligent matching system that can suggest Jobs to Candidates & Candidates to employers ? With some custom development, a extensive matching system can be developed for you to do this !

Document Suggest

The technology & concepts we use for matching people can be extended to various areas! The Document suggest system implemented for one of our clients suggests Documents from Docman that the logged in user might be interested in !

Event Suggest

We have developed an Event suggestion system that analyses user interests & Keywords from JomSocial Events to suggest events the user might be interested in attending !