Recommended Friends or Suggest Friends

Personal recommendations of people are always held in the highest regard by people. Friend Suggest or Recommend Friends adds this feature to JomSocial or Community Builder. Using this feature, people on your social network will be able to recommend people to connect with, to their Friends. Some of the Highlights of this feature are as given below

  • JomSocial / CB Integration option.
    Choose whether to fetch data from Community Builder or from JomSocial
  • Show who recommended
    The Module will show the user who recommended the suggestion to him.
  • Template Override based Integration for full flexibility
    You can insert the "Recommend Friends" button code using a template override wherever you want on the profile page for full flexibility.

How to use ?

In order to suggest friends to someone, you first need to be their Friend. To suggest follow the following steps.

  1. Go to your Friends CB/JomSocial Profile
  2. Click on the Recommend Friends Text
  3. A popup should show up showing your friends ( who are not friends with the person you are recommending it to)
  4. Once you make all of your selections, click on the Suggest button. Each friend that you selected will be suggested to your friend and will be shown in the People suggest module to him.