Online- Offline Events (By virtue of venue)

The event is associated with a venue and we have two venue types (Online and Offline). If the event is associated with an online venue it will be considered as an online event. Otherwise, it is Offline. 

To enable online event creation in JTicketing, turn On the setting “Allow creating online venues & events (This will work only with native integration)” from JTicketing configuration

1.Create Online event:-

Steps to create an online event:-

            a.Select Online Event to ‘Yes’

            b.Select Event Venue

            c.Select an option of your choice. If you are already created an online event and if you want to select the same then select ‘Choose from existing’ Otherwise select ‘Create Online Event’.   

2.Create Offline event:-

Steps to create an offline event:-

            a.Select Online Event to ‘No’

            b.Select Event Venue

3.Create Regular Event(Custom Location) :-

If we don’t want to associate venue management then we can select the Custom Location option and enter event location.