Joomla Integration to fill billing information

Joomla by default has a single Name field. Since our billing information format across all extensions has a First name and last name field, it's not possible to reliably split and map the Name field into the First name and last name. The reason for this is across the world the first name/last name construction as a single name field across the world differs a little bit.

However once the user has filled billing information once, he does not have to fill it again as we prefill it from the last order.

Billing Information form Field Settings:


  • Hide selected fields on billing information form: - If you want to hide some of the fields on the billing information form then only set it to 'Yes'. If you set it to 'Yes' then it will allow you to hide the field on the billing information form.
  • Select fields to hide on billing information form: - Selected fields in this config will be hidden on the billing information form.