How to override the output of JTicketing views

JTicketing contains following views :
  • Events Pin View(Only for Native Integration): (Location YOURSITE/components/com_jticketing/views/events/tmpl/default_pin.php)
  • Single Event Details View(Location YOURSITE/components/com_jticketing/views/event/tmpl/default.php)
  • Invoice View: (Location YOURSITE/components/com_jticketing/views/orders/tmpl/order.php
  • Checkout view(Location YOURSITE/components/com_jticketing/views/order/)

         For Checkout view There are four files for each steps

For select Ticket Step-YOURSITE/components/com_jticketing/views/order/tmpl/default_select_ticket.php

For Attendee Information Step-YOURSITE/components/com_jticketing/views/order/tmpl/default_attendee_data.php

For Billing Step YOURSITE/components/com_jticketing/views/order/tmpl/default_billing.php

For Payment Info Step YOURSITE/components/com_jticketing/views/order/tmpl/default_payment.php 

You need to follow these steps to override these views 

Location (view location on your site ) :- YOURSITE/components/com_jticketing/views/  
Instructions for overriding the above-mentioned layouts are as follows.  
1. Copy LAYOUT.php file (e.g default.php) 
2. Put this file on path YOURSITE/templates/template you are using/html/com_jticketing/VIEW_NAME (e.g. events)/
Note: Create necessary folders if they do not exist.
Now open LAYOUT.php file & do your changes.