Barcode integration for Attendee Checkin

Barcode integration for Attendee Checkin:

Jticketing has integrated a tag for "Barcode" into the ticket pdf which is used instead of a "QR code" for attendee checkin. This Barcode needs its own scanner to mark check-in and not to be scanned using the JTicketing Event Manager App's scanner.

Config for Barcode - 

We can decide the width and height of the Barcode by the configuration provided under the “Display and layout” config.

  1. Barcode Width - By default, the width of the barcode is 1px which is the minimum width as the Enrollment ID will be deciding the width. The width of the barcode will be as long as the Enrollment ID. You can still increase the width using this config.
  2. Barcode Height - By default, the height of the barcode will be "90px".


Adding Barcode into the Ticket PDF -

We need to modify the pdf template from Backend -

  1. Go to the PDF template submenu
  2. Add [BAR_CODE] tag into the template where we want to place it and save it.
  3. This will embed Barcode into the Ticket PDF.


Adding Barcode into the Email template of tickets-

One can add a barcode to the Ticket’s template of email. This ticket mail is sent in 2 cases: 

  1. When a buyer purchases a ticket from the frontend
  2. When the user(attendee) is moved/enrolled to another event.

To add barcode to the Email template:

  1. Go to the Notification Template from the backend.
  2.  Edit the “Offline Event ticket notification to Event Buyer”.
  3. Add the tag “{{ticket.barcode_url}}” where you want to place the barcode.
  4. This is the same in the case of the “Offline Event Ticket Notification to Event Buyer after attendee moved” template.