What is jomLike

jomLike! like/dislike system for Joomla!

A powerful plugin that enhances 'like/dislike" for below Joomla components:jomlike-20110623

  • jomLike JomSocial Plugin   
  • jomLike Articles Plugin 
  • jomLike K2 Plugin  
  • jomLike System Plugin  
  • jomLike JomSocial System Plugin
  • jomLike JomRes System Plugin



jomLike! is a powerful new component and plugin which adds JomSocial’s popular community “like” feature to other areas of your Joomla website. To like Joomla articles, blog posts, news and even K2 items! You can now have a slick, all-in-one “Like” system throughout your ENTIRE Joomla website..and not just on your JomSocial community.

jomLike! even lets you easily change the default JomSocial like/dislike icon set. With 1-click, your entire Joomla website--even your Jomsocial community--will be instantly updated with the new “like/dislike” icons of your choice. We’ve included 5 icon sets to get you started (including the gorgeous default Jomsocial “thumbs up/thumbs down” set); and will be adding more to future versions of jomLike.

But that’s not all jomLike does...

jomLike! also pings your JomSocial activity stream with the “like” activity of not only community actions (“Bob Liked Jill’s video” or “Jonathan Liked Steven’s photo” etc) but also “like” activity outside your community, for example “like” actions on your joomla articles, news posts and K2 items (“Jill Liked Our new plugin makes CSS3 easy in IE article, etc.) Imagine the increased discussions, buzz, and pageviews your new blog post will generate on and off your site when word spreads in your community that someone “liked” it.



Features at a glance in jomLike! 1.1:

  • jomLike! adds a JomSocial “like/dislike” button to Joomla articles, news posts, K2 items
  • jomLike! instantly adds your member’s article “likes”, news post “likes” and k2 item “likes” to your community activity stream.
  • jomLike! instantly adds your members’ community “likes” (video, photos, events & groups) to your JomSocial activity stream for all to see, share & comment on.
  • jomLike! even lets you easily change the default JomSocial like/dislike icon set to one of 5 brand new, attractively-designed like/dislike icon sets we’ve added to it.
Surprisingly, this feature DOES NOT currently exist in JomSocial 2.2+, and we thought it should. After all, isn’t that the point of having an interactive community on your site in the first place?

"Even if you don’t have JomSocial... you can still enjoy jomLike’s like/dislike feature on your news posts, Joomla articles and k2! JomSocial is not required, only recommended."