Reports in JGive are powered by TJReports, our infrastructure extension for reports. There are four key reports for JGive, which are explained below



List of donations

This report lists all the donations with filters for campaign, donor and giveback. 


Donor performance

This report shows a list of donors with the number of donations and total donation made by each donor

Campaign Performance

This report shows all the campaigns created on the site with donor count, total amount donated and other information about the campaign.

Campaign Promoter Performance

This report lists all the campaign promoters on the site with the number of campaigns, total amount raised and other details for the promoter.


Access these reports from frontend, Easily doable by setting correct config.

1. Set reports permissions 

Go to Administrator > Tjreports > Options > Permission

Set required permissions

2. Create a menu, Menu Item Type = Tjreports

Set correct Access type.