Adaptive payment setup instructions

Note- You can no longer sign up for PayPal adaptive. It will work only if you have an existing approved app.

1. Enable adaptive payment plugin.
2. Open adaptive payment plugin, enter Paypal email Address & API Credentials. 

3. Open jGive component configuration

     => Set Send Payments Directly to Campaign promoter without charging any commissions ( works only with Paypal Payment Gateway ) => 'No'
  => Commission fee (in percent)
  =>  Fixed Commission (flat)
  => Select Payment Gateway(s)=> adaptive paypal. 
  => Set Recurring Donation/Investment => No.

4. For which campaign you want make donation for this campaign promoter paypal email address is must (only for adaptive payment).
5. Try to make donation (Note : Donation amount must be greater than Fixed Commission+Commission fee entered in component configuration)
6. After payment confirmation you can see entry in payout report(payment made for campaign promoter).

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