Invitex. What is it, What can it be used for, Features etc.

What is Invitex ?

Invitex offers a comprehensive solution for Viral invitations for any Joomla Website. It Integrates with native Joomla registration as well as Community Builder & JomSocial. Viral Invitations are a critical part of any website, especially communities & Social Networks & Invitex is specifically built for that. 

Version 3.0 onwards Bootstrap 3 support, sms Horizon Plugin for SMS type plugin, quick Invitations Module and option to only allow registration using invited Email Address is supported.

Version 2.3 Onwards a special ability of Invitation Links has been introduced which allows users to invite people by simply sharing a referral URL. This can be used for Namecards & Badges & shared in any way the user pleases. See more information about this feature here.

Version 2.1 Onwards, Invitex integrates a "Invite Anywhere" feature that allows admins to create 'Invite Types' & let users invite for any content element be it Groups, Events, Articles - absolutely anything. Just like a comments system can be extended to any content type, with Invitex Anywhere, we give the ability to Invite for any content type. If you are a developer, you can integrate Invitex anywhere very tightly with your or any application. Even if you do not know development, we have provided some easy to use Widgets & a flexible module to let non Development users use the Invitex anywhere feature. More information on how to use this feature has been covered in a separate tutorial.

Invitex allows users to import contacts using an array of methods. The user can either type in addresses manually, Upload a CSV file, Import contacts from webmail services like Gmail,Hotmail, Yahoo,AOL etc. or from Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter. In fact Invitex is the only solution to provide such a future ready API method. The user can also add his own message to the Invitation.

However it doesn't stop here. Invitex also allows your users to track & manage their Invitations & check who signed up, resend invites & see invite statistics. Whats more, integration with CB & JomSocial allows Invited users to be automatically connected to the inviter post registration. In addition to this a cool admin Dashboard allows the admin to see detailed reports of the Invitation activity on his site. Tracking is not currently available for Invitex Anywhere.

Invitex also integrates with Alpha User points & JomSocial points allowing users to earn points by sending invites & on acceptance. Also integration with the Amigos Affiliate system from Dioscouri allows your users to earn hard cash for referring people ! Invitex has a plugin API that will allow you to integrate in such a way with any Affiliate system you have.

In addition to all the above, Invitex allows the admin to send out "People who have invited you before" in the invitation just like facebook which greatly increases the chance of the user accepting the Invite. All this is just the tip of the Iceberg :) Read on below for the full feature list.

Features of Invitex

  • Joomla 1.5 & 1.6 /1.7/2.5 Native
  • Option to restrict registration by Invitation only.
  • Integrates fully with plain Joomla, Community Builder or JomSocial
  • Customizable HTML email subject and content & design. (For Emails)
  • Customizable TEXT message subject and content (For Social Networks)
    Ability to include plenty of customisation tags in the email

    [NAME]    - Name of person receiving email
    [INVITER]     - Name of person sending email
    [MESSAGE]     - Message sent by Inviter
    [AVATAR]     - Profile picture of Inviter
    [SITENAME]     - Name of site
    [SITELINK]    -link to the Site
    [SUBSCRIBE]     - Link to sign up on site
    [UNSUBSCRIBE]    - Unsubscribe link
    [PWIU]    - People Who Have Invited You Before
    [SITEURL]    - Absolute Url to the Site
    [EXPIRYDAYS]    - Validity period for the link

  • User can add a custom message to the Invitation & view a Invite Preview.

  • Support for J!MailAlerts Plugin Tags in Emails to add dynamic content like Latest News, Photos, Videos Users (Any JMA plugin) . This will help you showcase your site to people who have been invited & entice them sign up !

  • Ability to insert Ads in emails via SocialAds & Monetize Emails.

  • Domain validation and incorrect email detection facility for the providers which imports Emails of therir contacts.
  • Users have an option to :
    a. Enter Addresses Manually (Also has easy incorrect email detection facility)
    b. Import contacts from their email accounts(via OpenInviter)
    c. Import contacts from supported Social Networks(via OpenInviter)
    Note that b & c are dependant on OpenInviter. Invitex servers as a OpenInviter wrapper for the contacts imports. The scripts are developed, maintained, updated and released separately by OpenInviter. Any support issues related to OpenInviter are beyond support scope of Invitex. To test if a particular plugin works with Open Inviter, please check the Open Inviter Demo site.

    d. Native API Plugins
    Invitex offers native API plugins for many leading email providers & Social Networks as an alternative to OpenInvitever. Native API plugins are covered in the Invitex Support Scope. The following are supported as of now.

    i.   Gmail
    ii.  Hotmail
    iii. Yahoo
    iv. Facebook
    v. Twitter

    e. Import Contacts via CSV Upload
    f. Invite via Referral link

  • Ability to "Find Friends" from imported contacts & Add them to your contact list in case you are using CB /JomSocial.
  • Ability to automatically connect the invted user & inviter in case of integration with Community builder or JomSocial.
  • Admin can chose which Invitation methods to allow for front end users. ( Manual, CSV, OpenInviter, API)
  • Admin can select which email or social network services to use from OpenInviter.
  • Admin can configure a maximum per session limit for invitations. 
  • Ability to configure a Invitation Expiry in days.
  • Uses a Cron Job/ Plugin in addition to optional batch processing to allow you to set up Invitex within your server mail sending limits in case of shared hosting. Please try to use the cron job when possible. Plugin might make the site slow if you have a huge number of invites going out.
  • Admins get to see a cool Invite Statistics Dashboard with charts to clearly see the invite activity on his site. 
  • Points System integration option with Alpha User Points as well as JomSocial Points with ability to allocate points to the inviter as well as the invited user.
  • Users can track the invites they have sent, see invite statistics & resend invites. ( For Registration Invitations only . Invites anywhere does not support this)
  • Amigos Affiliate system supports Invitex

For Developers

  • Content Modification Plugin API for developers to modify content of the invitation on the fly (Useful for Affiliate systems integration for example)
  • Native API connector plugins to add more Invite Methods via OAuth or similar methods
  • Invitex Anywhere API to tighly integrate Invitex with any application.