Invitex Plugin Triggers

Invitex Provides a variety of plugin triggers which developers can use to  Interrcept & modify data in order to extend Invitex or Integrate it with their own Extensions.  Here we provide a short documentation on how you can utilize these triggers. Note that Invitex "Native API Plugin" development documentation is provided separately if you want to develop your own API Plugins.


This method allows you to intercept & modify the imported contact data. This is method is called after imported data has been sanitized & is ready for display to the users. An example of its use might be removing users of specific domains.

//$data is an array of imported contacts
//$type passes the method manual,oi methods,csv       


This trigger is called just after the Invite content is prepared & is ready to be sent. You can use this trigger to interceot & modify this data. Examples of this would be the Amigos Integration that Dioscouri has done. This can be used for Affiliate system integration, Dynamic content replacement ( Like SocialAds & J!MailAlert do)

//$message_body is a string containing the entire content of the message to be sent. 


This trigger is called when the user clicks on a Invitation link just before redirection. This wont work for Invite URL type methods like Invite URL & Facebook Message. For those use OnInviteURLClk.

//$invite_id Row id of the Invitation. Developers can use this to find Inviter user id & other related data. 


This trigger is called when an Invitation is successful,i.e. Invitee joins the site.

 //Invitee post registration/login userid


//Same as OnInviteLinkClick but for URL type Invites