Invitation using Referral Link

From Invitex 2.3X onwards we have introduced a new Invitation method Invite via Referral Link which will allow your users to Invite anyone to your site by simply sharing a referral link. They can post the link on their blog, link it to a banner or share it in any way they like.People who sign up using this link shall be credited to them.

 Every user is given a Unique link that he can use to invite friends to your site. To make it short & easy to share, we have shorteded it using Google's URL Shortening. This Link is shown in the frontend as shown below.

We shall be providing Badges & Namecard widgets using this URL in the next minor release so that its even more easier for users to share this link.


 Invite URL Statistics

This view shows the People who have signed up using your Invite Link. Note that these stats also show people who have signed up when you Invited them using Facebook or Orkut since those invitation methods use this link as well.

URL stats