Configuring Hotmail API Plugin

Enter Hotmail Client ID : Enter your hotmail application key here
Enter Hotmail Client  secret: Enter your hotmail application key here  


Important or is name of your domain as it is.

Important Note:-Also Please Follow all steps as per screenshot and instructions. Set up APP's is not in our support scope.


Steps to be followed to get Hotmail/Microsoft Client ID and Client  secret:

1. Go to  (Login if you are not logged in)

2. Enter the "Application name:" as per your requirement and then click on "Create" button

3. Ge the "Hotmail Client ID" and "Hotmail Client secret" and configure it in the plugin.

4. Add Platform and Delegated Permissions to the app.

-----> Add the "Web" platform and add "Redirect URLs" to the platform

The Redirect URLs value should "https://YOUR_DOMAIN/techjoomla_hotmail_api.php"

NOTE :- Your domain should have SSL certificate to get contacts, else the contacts data will not be posted by Hotmail/Microsoft


5. Save the app