Letting Email Beautifier Handle JomSocial Emails or removing Templates from JomSocial email

Email Beautifier is an awesome way to have uniform & great looking emails in Joomla Websites. However, it can be a challenge to incorporate extensions which come with their own templates. In such a case, you can remove the templating from such components & let Email Beautifier handle all templating.

JomSocial, for instance, has its own templating for emails that it generates. You can follow the procedure below to disable the JomSocial template for emails:

To disable JomSocial Email templates-

In the admin backend panel -

Go to Components-> JomSocial -> Configuration

Find the fieldset named 'Emails', under which set  ' HTML Emails ' to 'No'.


Just override the main file for HTML templates: ROOT/components/com_community/templates/default/email.html.php

Copy it to:


And remove all styling.

That's it. This will skip JomSocial templates being applied to email.