Payouts Manager for Quick2Cart

The Payouts Manager for Quick2Cart lets you easily manage payouts to your store owners. The report shows payouts made till date & the amounts due.

Clicking on New payout will let you select the Payee & the system will automatically show what is owed . As an admin you can choose to make the full payout or part of it.

  • Payout Id:  Payout ID
  • Payee Name: Name & username of the payee [entered at the time of campaign creation].
  • Paypal Email: Paypal email id of payee [entered at the time of campaign creation].
  • Transaction Id:  Transaction id for the payout.
  • Payment Status: Payout status (paid or unpaid).
  • Payout Amount:  Amount paid to payee.
  • Total amount to be paid out:  The amount to be paid to the campaign creator = (total amount) -(total amount excluded)-(total commission amount).
  • Paid:  The amount which is already paid out (distributed) to campaigns creators.
  • Amount remaining to be paid out:  The total amount that is yet to be paid out (distributed) to campaigns creators.

 Vendor payouts

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Fan Speak !

  • I own a couple of extensions from techjoomla and I absolutely loved them. When I learned about
    Quick2Cart 2.0 was comming out I discovered that it was supporting multi-store. I was super excited!
    with no doubt I knew this extension would fulfill my needs. In fact when version 2. went into production state I ordered/purchased a subscription. Even though
    I loved the features; there were a couple of minor issues..which required fixes.

    I created a ticket for the issues and their support is absolutely excellent. They promised a fix within the next 3 days of the ticket creation...solution was delivered as promised.
    Another plus about techjomla, they listen. With common sense when you tell them there is something that you think should be there as part of the features...they take your opinion and
    provides a better solution.

    No lie. For some of you who may already own version 2.0x you may already noticed there is no search function included. I suggested that a search funciton is an essential feature of any shopping cart
    they agreed. Techjoomla replied back and in the email describes a plugin being developed to implement the search.

    I just hope that the search implementation will display results with product images.
    Please Techjoomla if you are reading this can you also please integrate social-shares for uploaded products, for easy marketing.

    It is always a great pleasure doing busines with Techjoomla. I had a six months subscriptions and I just upgraded my subscriptions to 12 months
    and I am planing to buy another subscription for one of the extensions that I really need.

    yes Techjoomla is a company you can do business with.

    Jhon Tk