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CB Network Suggest - Suggest users to Network with module Released

The CB Network Suggest Module has been released today by techjoomla.com.

Cb Network Suggest for Joomla

This cool module intelligently suggests the logged in user other users on the website that he or she can network with.

This feature works like networking suggestions feature at linkedin.com & facebook.com.

The module can be configured to match various fields in the user profile like location, interests, occupation etc., to suggest matching users to the logged in user.

A Must have for Social Networking websites.

The module is can be availed with either a 6 Month or 12 Month support subscription. Use the demo link below to see the module in action.

Demo | Documentation | Buy now!


Special Offer: Use the Coupon Code: CBSUGGOFF to get 20% off on the extension! Offer only till 20th April. Enjoy!!

We are pretty sure users will find it extremely useful & intuitive on their Social Networking sites that use community builder. A similar module for Jomsocial is set for a release next week! Follow @techjoomla on twitter for updates of our releases!

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Blank Message bug in CB Network Suggest Solved

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