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Joomla is what you make it !

What is Joomla ? Why Joomla ? Can Joomla do this ? These are some of the most common questions that come up in any client pitch, consultation or any non Joomla events that i speak at. The answers very much depend on the target audience & are given depending on their level of technical know how & areas of Interest.

I believe Joomla is like clay.. the end user, integrator or developer can mould it to his or her needs.


Over the years Joomla has evolved from being just a CMS to what i would like to call a Hybrid Application Development Platfrom . With a decently light core ( yes it could be lighter), a huge array of Extensions, a Powerful MVC achitechture and APIs and the ability to even extend the framework with libraries like FOF - Joomla is seriously powerful.  And we are not even talking about the Joomla framework and Joomla platform yet !

From a Simple website to a Full scale cloud application, Joomla does not limit you in any way. In fact, Joomla has a facet for every type of user.

- End Users
-- Integrators
--- Extension Developers
---- Platform Developers

With what we have seen and done with Joomla to date, we believe Joomla is what you make it. There are simply no limits to what you can extend it to do. 

Joomla is like Clay.. that the artist can mould into a beautiful work of art.. with imagination being the only limit !

So let your imagination fly ! Tell us what did you build with Joomla today ? Do Comment & share what you have done 

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