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  4. Monday, 18 July 2016
Vendors own T&C's (Multi- Vendor)
Hi all Q2C forum users - Please vote this up - See below for my request
My request - I think that it is needed for all vendors to be able to add their own purchase terms & conditions for their own store
This would be a field that the vendor can manage where each vendor can upload their own terms & conditions which is visble at checkout and on store profile
At present I think that the terms & conditions at checkout are the websites T&C's which is ok for single vendor but not good enough for multi vendor as each vendor will have their won T&C's
Reply from support - We added this feature in our tracker id 84816
We are waiting for more requests. Generally, we add any feature in the release if 10 + client asking for this.

So... Please vote this up if you too would like to see this in q2c
Thank you