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  4. Saturday, 21 June 2014
Hi guys. It seems that jLike component came along really well. :p I just purchased it today because you guys added EasySocial support to it ! Nice !

Now, i need some help to set-up jLike, for the beginning let's start with EasyBlog.
We built our custom EasyBlog theme from ground up so i need some close detail on how i can set-up jLike with our custom theme !

1. How to output the total likes inside blog.item.php file ?
2. How to enable the jLike functionality in blog detail view file wich is blog.read.php file ?

Thanks, i will keep this topic updated with my progress. First i have to deal with EasyBlog. Thanks in advance !

PS: Couldn't find a jLike category so i posted this topic into "Chit Chat" - sorry for that :p