Maturity Beta
Release Date 2016-04-02 05:30
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This is an Beta release of SocialAds. In this release, we have rewritten the SocialAds component. We recommend you to install and test package on the fresh site where an older version of SocialAds does not exist. If you found any issue then please report us via the support ticket so that we can fix it in an upcoming stable version of SocialAds.

If you are upgrading SocialAds then

- Before upgrading SocialAds please note your existing socialds settings somewhere, might be in text file so that it will help you to reconfigure SocialAds.

- You will need to reconfigure SocialAds component settings. You will find SocialAds settings in Components => SocialAds => Options.

Before upgrading SocialAds please take backup of your site using tool like akeeba backup.

You can download & install the earlier stable version(3.0.10) on your Live site.

You can find SocialAds 3.1 (latest version) documentation here