Version 3.1.0
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2016-04-29 05:30
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Change Log for v3.1.0

^ Features

^Feature #51832 - New Dashboards for frontend and backend
^Feature #37508 - Revamp the ad rotation & ad caching logic.
^Feature #13193 - Show ads to specific users with ACL.
^Feature #58562 - Create campaign for backend
^Feature #58563 - List view for campaigns for administrator
^Feature #37392 - Bootstrap 3 support (frontend & backend)
^Feature #56682 - Seperate views for wallet and pay per ad orders
^Feature #56683 - Backend - Wallets list of all advertiser and their trasactions view
^Feature #62988 - Front-end My orders view

+ Tasks

+Task #63525 - Show currency symbol on all the payment related views of SocialAds
+Task #59241 - Move javascript of each view in one common file
+Task #71443 - Backend - Add prefix to all orders in SocialAds
+Task #63525 - Show currency symbol on all the payment related views of SocialAds
+Task #53927 - Rewrite - Ad Fetching Engine Code
+Task #59678 - Add detail view on ad orders list view

- Bugs

-Bug #69495 - Backend:- Create ad:- While creating an ad something went wrong message occurs on billing view
-Bug #77501 - Backend:- zone: After migration layout : No layouts plugins enabled!! Invalid field: Layout
-Bug #77447 - Language constant missing in invoice email
-Bug #75897 - Same ads get displayed in the multiple modules.
-Bug #76594 - Targeting text ad not displayed.
-Bug #77000 - Router-Seo problem.
-Bug #29047 - If a cache is ON then ads are not randomized even after page refresh.
-Bug #38517 - Adblock Issues.
-Bug #27574 - UI Issue in create ad wizard

This release fixes the bugs reported in version 3.1.0 beta

compatible with Joomla 3.x.

Before upgrading SocialAds from the version 3.0.10 or lesser.Please make sure you noted down settings you did in SocialAds settings view.

Since we did a big rewrite for SocialAds, you need to reconfigure it and these noted settings will help you to reconfigure.


You can find SocialAds 3.1 (latest version) documentation here