Version 2.7
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2012-02-24 05:30
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Feature #5012: Geo-location targeting for SocialAds
Task #5236: Can see buy more credits against an alternative ad in ad edit view
Bug #9416: ad renewal for per day ad not possible
Bug #9417: per day ad does not support if payment is pending
Task #10037: If only one payment plugin is enabled then show it by default
Bug #10203: modify query for auto suggest country/state (see descrip)
Feature #10204: implement Auto Suggest for geo targeting
Task #10208: modifications to jma_socialads plugin for the new slots from adshelper
Bug #10274: When per day option is selected by default the calender is not seen
Task #10425: show ad id in Ad orders view
Bug #10426: error in Ad orders when user does not exists
Task #10492: Give link of for populating geotables while installing socialads also add this in backend setting if geo data not present and populate geo related tables.
Bug #10505: Bugs for the geo target for col name changes
Bug #10506: Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in components/com_socialads/adshelper.php on line 123
Bug #10507: geo targetting fields not save to database while updating ads in managead view
Bug #10509: geo targetting fields not showing for guestad when we update ad from managead view
Bug #10525: Notice: Undefined variable: GEOIP_REGION_NAME in /home/dipti/html/shine17/components/com_socialads/adshelper.php on line 509
Bug #10526: module not statisfing the number of ads param
Task #10527: call ajax function to update geo database in setting view
Bug #10528: error in adoders view
Bug #10529: entry going even if geo targeting checkbox not checked
Bug #10530: error on manage ad page
Bug #10531: checkbox not working on manage ad view
Bug #10532: error in manage ad for geo tageting
Bug #10533: styling for tags not proper chk the attachment
Bug #10535: auto suggest showing previous results chk screenshot
Bug #10537: targeting saving even if geo chkbox unchecked also data saved is (,India ,Maharashtra )
Bug #10545: provide instructions if geo tables are not populated when installing
Bug #10546: entry in ad fields even if social targeting is un checked
Bug #10547: change the geo target query
Task #10561: In manage ad not updating data for geotargetting and social targetting
Bug #10563: error for images NetworkError: 404 Not Found for geo targeting
Bug #10565: remove skip tagerting chk box
Bug #10568: change styling of the ad fields, remove the given line height and the common ids from create ad and manage ad view
Bug #10569: extra || added then all the tags are removed
Bug #10578: error on ad summary page
Bug #10596: Buy Now and Buy More Credits button not shown properly
Bug #10597: show pop up of buy now in a div inside addsumary view
Task #10598: change the db for country,state,c ity
Bug #10599: add no conflict line to jquery file
Bug #10601: Number of days not shown in pricing for per day
Task #10605: showad calculation for slab pricing only if show_slab in configuration is set true
Task #5925: pagination on front end not working if we save for create ad page and click on next button..
Bug #8104: when delete ad all the data related to the ad should be deleted
Bug #8920: in mails Ad title is blank for image ads
Bug #9262: click on ignore column 500 - View not found
Bug #9299: javascript function not defined error on showad view

Task #10206: include config for geo targeting in backend settings
Task #10207: config for slection of geo /social / random in backend settings
Bug #10216: include Jtext for Ad type (Text & Image,Image,Text)
Task #10275: link in settings to download the dat file for geo targeting