Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Advertisers can choose to show Ads only on pages that content the Keywords relevant to their posted Ad. In this case, the Ad shall be shown on pages that has maximum relevance to the configured Keywords against the Ad.

To set up Contextual Targeting , you just have to turn-on the option Contextual Targeting from configuration options

How contextual targeting works -

We have used multiple comparison methods for keyword prediction. One of them is Smart Search integration. Joomla Smart Search integration if enabled can greatly increase ad accuracy. Smart search uses an awesome search indexing technique which helps do keyword mining for improving search results. We decided that integrating this was much more efficient than writing a parallel keyword mining tool.


In order to use Smart Search data, cron job needs to be set to let SocialAds convert Smart Search indexed data to a more usable format. Once done, SocialAds can accurately find keywords for any content that has smart search plugins. Note that Smart Search data is only available for individual items and not for collective pages like List views and blog views. In their case, Metadata is used. Smart Search data based targeting will ideally work for any Joomla extension that has a smart search plugin. We have tested it to work fine with Joomla Content, Zoo, EasyBlog to name a few

Search Ads

Search is one of the Primary ways in which a user browses any website. Monetizing search pages, thus becomes extremely important. Leveraging Contextual Targeting, SocialAds can monetize virtually any Search page by showing Ads relevant to searches. We have already tested Search Ads with Joomla Search, Joomla Advanced Search & JomSocial Search.