Using Advanced Module Manager for finer control on SocialAds display

At Techjoomla we believe in Collaboration rather than duplication & reinventing wheels. This helps us focus more on our core expertise & bring you even better products ! What I am going to show you here today, we could have easily built into SocialAds.. but there are already these amazing extensions available which will help you do a lot of cool things with not just SocialAds but a lot of other extensions as well ! So here's a few ideas on how getting these extensions together can help you show ads even more intelligently.

Advanced Module Manager

Advanced Module Manager is one extension I'll say practically every Joomla site owner should install. Its super easy to use & enhances the native Joomla Module manager by a great deal. Whats more, its completely free ! Once you look at it & the cool amount of options it offers, I am sure you will get even more creative ideas ! I : Hide some Ads from your Registered users

I am sure you have seen several sites inviting users to Register & see fewer Ads or maybe buy a Paid Subscription & see no Ads at all. You can do somethign very similar when using SocialAds with Advanced module manager. This extension allows you to set your modules up such that you can setup plenty of conditions when a module can be shown or hidden.

One of these conditions is chosing who to show the module to or whom to hide it from. All you have to do is setup the SocialAds module in the position you chose & set the Module Assignment of User Group Level as "Not Registered/Not Logged in". Thats it you are done !

Idea II : Hide Modules when there are no Ads to Show

Its very likely that we might include this in the core in the very near future.. But for now, you can easily use this feature of Advanced module manager to Hide modules that do not have any Ads to show..

Idea III : Any Condition based display

This one is more for the code junkies. Peter's Advanced module manager supports PHP coditions too. So if you can think of whacky conditions when you want to show or not show Ads, this space is just for you.