Multi Site Ad delivery with SocialAds

Since version 3.0 SocialAds has introduced the feature of Multisite Ads, with this feature you can serve Ads to any Website - HTML, Joomla, Wordpress, ASP or whatever else ! A platform agnostic HTML/JS widget for every zone is provided which you can use to place on any of the sites where you wish to deliver Ads to. Ads delivered to remote Zones are not just random ones, but they can be targeted Ads too ! The widget generator lets you customise the widget in many ways. The following documentation shows how this can be done.

Note-If you are using Admin tools extension, you will need to disable the "Web Application Firewall" in order to use the multi-site ad delivery feature.

Customise Ad widget for every zone

Here we are taking example of the pre-created zone "Default Ad" , you can use any zone according to your needs.

1. Goto SocialAds component->Manage Zones and click on a zone.

2. Goto tab 'Ad widget for Default Zone'.

Following are the fields you can use to customise the Ad widget,

Customise Ad widget

Number of Ads : Enter the number of ads you want to show in the Ad widget.

Rotate Ads : If set Yes, the Ad shown on page load will be replaced with other spare ad after the time set for Ad rotation delay.

Rotation Delay : Time period for which Ad should be on the page: Suppose this is set to 10. Then After 10 second of page load, 1st Ad will be rotated. Then the 2nd ad shown will be rotated after 10*2 i.e. 20 seconds.

Randomise Ads : If set Yes, random ads will be shown in the widget

Iframe width : Width of the iframe in which ads will be displayed in the widget.

Iframe height : Height of the iframe in which ads will be displayed in the widget.

Seamless : This is used to have the iframe look like it is a part of the containing document (no borders or scrollbars).

Social Targeting for Ad widget

Multisite Ad Delivery widgets support showing targeted Ads as well ! GeoTargeted Ads, Contextual Targeted as well Socially (Demographically) targeted ads can be shown using the widget.

Geo targeting data is picked up automatically based on the end user IP. Contextual targeting uses Meta keywords of the page on which the ad is being delivered & picks it up automatically.

Dynamically Setting the Demographic attributes from the client site (For Developers)

In case you want to deliver Socially targeted ads, you need to send demographic data that you want  to be used for the targeting. The ‘Targeting for Ad’ tab lets you set the values for the various demographic attributes available on the site for targeting. These are set in the JS widget for you to use.

When using the widget in a system where these parameters can be fetched dynamically - for instance a bespoke PHP or ASP system or Wordpress, you can set these params in the Javascript dynamically.

The “Ad_targeting” variable set in the head lets you do this. Here is an example.

var Ad_targeting = { social_params : {gender : "male",birth_year : "1983"}};

Setting up the JS Widget on the client Site

Once you have configured the widget as per your needs, copy the JS in the upper right hand side box & put it in the head tag of your client site or in the head tag of the site template. This needs to be done only once for the entire site irrespective of the number of specific Zone widgets you need.

The second part of the widget needs to be placed in the position you want the Ads to show. The Widget will dynamically inject Ads in the div element we give with the widget. For instance

<div id="sa_ads29"></div>

The div id is critical so make sure you don't change it. Its unique to every widget.

Once you are done with the setup as above, Ads should start showing on your client sites. Make sure however that there are some Ads in that zone. Its best to setup 2-3 Alternate Ads per zone to make sure we have something to show in the Ad space.