Configure Joomla & JTicketing for using the Smartphone application

 In order to use the JTicketing App on your iOS or Android device, you will need to follow the following setup instructions. 

A. Configure your site

  • Follow this doc to install API component
  • Make sure you have a version of JTicketing higher than 1.4.4 installed on your site. If not, please upgrade. 
  • Install both packages from the backend
  • Go to plugins, & enable the API-Jticketing plugin
  • Also, enable API - users plugin
  • Now go to backend System->global configuration and set 
  • 1) Debug system->No
  • 2) Debug language->No
  • 3) Error Reporting->system Default  and save

An Event owner using the app can : 

  • See the list of all the events created by him and it only shows future events which have some ticket data i.e. event has at least one ticket purchased(Confirmed order)
  • Select an event for which attendees check-ins are to be monitored
  • Use the Camera & QR Code based Scan & Checkin option to scan in Tickets
  • Search and Add a particular user or ticket no. & check him or her in.
  • After scanning the ticket, the app will return the Ticket status
  • He can also see event stats & list of checked in Guests. 

That's it. Now you are all set to Connect to your site using the JTicketing App

B. Configure the App

Make sure you are using latest versions of the mobile APP for iPhone and Android

Configuring the app is dead simple. Just enter the URL of your site & the login details of a user who owns a few events. If you have completed the steps correctly, you should be able to log in & start using the app. 

You can find pro APP Here 

You can find the free APP Here