Zoom Setup Instruction with JTicketing

Zoom is a one of the powerful and easy to use online meeting tools. For our Jticketing online events we wish to create integration so Admins can easily manage the Zoom meetings through our system. 


Creating the APP for ZOOM integration


This app will provide a API key and API secret 

Getting Host Id

  1. Log in to Zoom account
  2. Go the users
  3. Click on the user name
  4. The user edit page will be open > Copy paste the ID from url

The ID position in URL will be https://zoom.us/user/{host-id}/profile

  1. Copy the Id and use in the venue creation


Note: The user should be used as a ‘host’ must have the role ‘admin’ in the zoom account.

Creating online venue for a Zoom event

  1. Login to backend > Classroom training > Venues 
  2. Click on 'New' to create a venue 
  3. Add the Venue Title description 
  4. Select the Online venue to “Yes”  
  5. Select “Zoom” in the “Select provider for online venue”  
  6. Add the API Key, API secret, collected from the Zoom account  
  7. Add a host Id acquired using above  
  8. Set the remaining fields as below
  • Category- Online classroom (Can be used as you required)  
  • Select Licence Type - Zoom meeting  
  • Attendee approval - Automatically approve  
  1. Save the venue  

Steps for create online event

  1. Create a regular classroom event  adding event name, start end date booking date and ticket details etc  
  2. Set the ‘Online venue’ to ‘Yes’  
  3. While setting the venue select the online venue created earlier  
  4. Set the option to “Create online event”  
  5. Save the event.