Waiting List for Event

When you have events that are popular you tend to sell out pretty fast typically leaving lots of people disappointed that they could not get seats. Having a waiting list in such a situation helps in multiple ways. For one, it lets people register their interest and also gives you a quick idea as to how many more people want to attend. Basis this information you could either expand the venue to fit more people or plan additional events to serve the demand. Without a waiting list, you have no data to take these important decisions. Waiting list functionality (introduced in JTicketing 2.2) brings you this and much more. 

Enabling and configuring the Waiting list behaviour 

Currently this feature and its behaviour can be set via the 'Global Configuration' in JTicketing.  You can get there by clicking on the 'Options' menu on the top right. There, find the 'Waiting list tab' 

  • You can choose to enable this feature for e-commerce Events, Classroom ones or both.
  • In case of Classroom trainings, we support an optional ‘Auto Advance’ feature which will advance people from the waiting list in case of cancellations. This is not available for e-commerce events since it involves a lot of complications with payments and refunds.
  • Cron Settings : The notification as well as auto advance feature works via a cron job that you need to set. You can find the Cron URL on the same screen and you can customise its private key. Make sure you set this up in order to feature to work. 
  • In case Auto Advance is not enabled for Classroom trainings & for e-commerce events, the waitlisted users shall be notified via email when seats are available. The Notification email content can be edited from the 'Notification Templates' menu. 

Managing the Waiting List  

Event Owners have the ability to track waiting list users, manage their status and also email them. You can find this in the Waiting list menu in the backend.