Broadcast FAQs

Q.How broadcast works?

Firstly, the user should set which activity needs to Boadcast from this view 'http://domain_name/index.php?option=com_broadcast&view=config'.
For example, if the user has set 'Profile Status' in the view then only the status updates from the JomSocial Activity stream will be pushed into the Broadcast queue.

Once you have updated your JomSocial activity stream like the JomSocial gets pushed in the Broadcast queue (which you can see in the Boadcast backend). And when the cron job "http://domain_name/index.php?option=com_broadcast&controller=broadcast&task=set_status&tmpl=component&pkey=1234" runs then the status from the queue are pushed into the FB/Twitter/Linkendin walls according to what you have connected to.

Also when the cron job "http://domain_name/index.php?option=com_broadcast&controller=broadcast&task=get_status&tmpl=component&pkey=1234" runs the updates are pulled from FB/Twitter/Linkendin walls and pushed into the JomSocial activity stream

You can see the cron urls in the Broadcast backend settings view.
Please refer this doc "" for setting up the cron jobs.



Q. My FB,twiiter and linkedin is not updating?

A. 1) Setup the cron job for it refer the docs  here
 2) The queue should be filled.

Q. How will my activites be pushed to the social networks.

A. User prefrences should be set.Create menu for http://yoursitename/index.php?option=com_broadcast&view=config and from that config view in frontend "Select activity to broadcast" and save your settings.

Set the cron job "http://domain_name/index.php?option=com_broadcast&controller=broadcast&task=set_status&tmpl=component&pkey=1234" this will push the updates to the networks to which the user is connected

 Q. Updates are not shown in the activity stream

A. Set the cron job "http://domain_name/index.php?option=com_broadcast&controller=broadcast&task=get_status&tmpl=component&pkey=1234" 

Q. The updates are shown multiple times in the activity stream

A. This is a known issue, we are using the JomSocial API to insert to their activity stream. It will be fixed in the next release.

Q. Status is not going into the queue/status is not seen on JomSocial wall.
A. Jomsocial hack not done.see documentation here

Q. The api plugins not seen in the backend setting of broadcast.
A. The plugins of type Techjoomla API should be enabled in the backend.

Q. Api plugins not seen in the module
A. The plugins should be selected in the backend settings of Broadcast

Q. Not able to connect if clickin on the connect button.

A. Skip com_broadcast if any sef management component exists

Q. Twitter not connecting.
A. You need to enable support for HMAC-SHA1 For your server configuration.

For joomla 2.5  System language filter plugin affects Facebook connect disable it if required.

If Admin tools present make sure that you set "Remove all instances of Joomla from the output" to NO in Web Application Firewall->Configure in the backend.

 Q. Facebook not showing pages and groups

For facebook we require following permissions



If your app asks for more than than public_profileemail and user_friends it will require review by Facebook before your app can be used by people other than the app's developers.The time to review your app is usually about 7 business days. Some extra-sensitive permissions, as noted below, can take up to 14 business days.Learn more about our review process in our documentation on reviews.