Shika 1.1.3 has been released with some critical bug fixes and improvements. We encourage updating as soon as possible to the latest version.

Note-When you upgrade please note that some certificate generation tags have changed. Please update your existing certificates to use the new tags.

For the complete changelog, read on. 

Bugs Fixed

#98108 Fixed a case where members enrolled in courses are not enrolled in the corresponding Easy Social group.

#97360 Admin panel>> certificate manager>> change DATED tag to GRANTED_DATE tag.

#94268 Backend> Course Categories> If all Course categories are unpublished, getting notices at frontend.

#94182 Jlike >> add default entry of reminder in jlike_reminder after executing migration script. This will enable to use Assignment reminders. Go to Components>jLike . On that dashboard as well you will see a Fix Database button in the top left. Shika uses jLike for the various content interactions so this fix is also needed.

#75770 Admin panel>> Reports>>Attempt report>> Date field having validation missing.

#93521 Article as lesson plugin should be enabled after installing the new package.

#94016 Front panel>> Course landing page>> do not show set goal button if anyone has set an assignment.

#98321 When click on "add comments" on lesson view then it should by default open comment textbox.

#93951 Frontend> Dashboard> Same due dates are getting displayed on the dashboard.

#97343 "Save as PDF" for the certificate does not work with https.

#98467 SCORM time tracking is not working on firefox.

#98468 Front panel>>Label is not displaying on lesson landing page>> config is missing, So added the config.

#98353 Added the Cron setting for subscription expired mail