We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of JTicketing v1.4.4 to our subscribers. This version introduces some great usability changes including better implementation of bootstrap, One-Page checkout & a new Dashboard control panel in the backend. This is also an upgrade that you will need to do if you plan to use our brand new IOS & Android app for Event owners. 


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Let's take a quick look at the Features

This is a release that we would recommend everyone upgrades to. To read the full details of this release including all features & bug fixes, please read on. 


#21463 Implement One-page checkout
#21464 Added Compatibility with Jevents 3.1.7
#21465 Added configuration for Site admin Fixed Commission
#21466 Billing information added for customers while buying the ticket
#21467 Vat registration no added for customers while buying the ticket
#21468 Site Owner can apply the tax on every Order
#21469 Invoice and payment statuses show to the customer while buying tickets
#21470 Added reports for invoice

Bug #21471 Site admin Commission will be applied now amount after discount
Bug #21472 Removed Dashboard view and graphs merged in to control panel
Bug #21473 UI changes while creating ticket types
Bug #21474 Backend UI changes for Bootstrap

Bug Fixes

#20700 Changes in JTicketing mobile API for Joomla 3.0
#20701 Verify event with Ticket ID while check-in with scan and add Ticket