We would like to wish all our clients a Happy New Year! We are very happy to announce our first release of the new year. JTicketing 3.3.5 is primarily a bug fix-release for the issues reported by our subscribers.

Besides this, we have also done some improvements in this release. Site administrators now have a configuration to add a pattern for validating attendee’s phone number at the checkout during purchase of tickets for the events. 

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For JTicketing’s integration with EasySocial and JomSocial, we have introduced a script for fixing the payouts report. This will ensure that no invalid payout entries occur in the vendor payouts.

Read on for the instructions in the changelog before upgrading JTicketing to the latest version.


^ Improvements (2) -

Task #175136: Provide a config for admin to add Pattern for Attendee's Phone validation at the purchasing

Task #177090: Writing a script to fix the payout report

- Issues (6) -

Bug #177731: EasySocial > Create Event > Ticket fields not getting rendered on enabling ticketing

Bug #177525 : Vendor cannot create event from frontend

Bug #177140 : Vendor gets changed once other user edits event not belonging to him causing invalid payout entry

Bug #175848 : Creating online zoom event >> When the long description is added with more than 2000 chars occurs error.

Bug #175526 : If the google maps API key not entered in the config, this will not render the map and not give any errors about Google Map

Bug #175049 : Online Event ticket notification>> Timing is wrong on google calendar template and in email content