JTicketing 1.7 Alpha out now!

JTicketing! An event booking system for Joomla is getting a new major release with some exciting features. We are getting a early Alpha out to you guys so that you can provide us a fresh perspective and report bugs if any. 

What do we have in here?

Email Reminder

Calendar Module

Note: This is a Alpha release, please install it on your test site not on the live site :).

   Download 1.7 Alpha Now!                         Download Stable 1.6.1!

Change Log is as follows

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Install and Set up Guide

1) Install tjfields

2) Install JTicketing

3) Follow this documentation for set up  https://techjoomla.com/table/extension-documentation/documentation-for-jticketing/

A) Setting Up Reminders

How reminder works?

You have the liberty to define the type of the reminder which can be weekly, daily etc.(In backend). Once admin defines the reminder type, the user can set a reminder accordingly. For instance: If the event is on 17th of Aug 8pm and user sets reminder for 2 days. He will get a reminder on 15th Aug 8pm. 

B) Setting up Emails

From 1.7 and above We have seperate email per ticket

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