We have released JGive 1.0.2 today. The key features added include allowing to choose the type for the new campaign. You can create new campaigns for donations or investments. Also, you can put a restriction on total number of donations/investments allowed for the campaign you create. We have added new filter and sort options on all campaigns blog view. 

JGive 1.0.2 Changelog -

Compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x

+ Features Added (5)
13573 Add filter 'Campaign type' on view 'campaigns' blog layout
13546 Add new field for 'max donations' on campaign creation form
13545 Add option to select 'type of campaign' on campaign creation form
13491 Using ajax image on confirm payment view
13422 Add more ordering options to all campaigns view

- Bugs fixed (2) 
13456 Javascript error on JoomlaArt templates - Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'validate'
13355 Javascript -On Create campaign form adding new giveback reloads the page

^ Tasks implemented (6)
13574 Redirect user to login form if not logged in
13547 Disable donation button if no. of donors are equal to or exceed max allowed donors
13537 Disable donation button if the current date is lower than start date OR higher than the end date
13536 Show start and end dates on campaign details view and on all campaigns view if applicable
13535 Add validation to "New payout" form in the backend
13492 Use h2 tag for component heading