In crowdfunding achieving the goal amount of a particular campaign in that particular time is crucial. The reason why it is crucial is because some campaigns are time bound. People fall short to reach out to the masses in that particular time.

Now, we have made sure that this major stumbling block has been removed and got a solution for it. We’ve integrated Invitex  with JGive which sends viral invitations to your friends asking them to donate/ invest in your campaign. Invitex gives you the liberty to send invitations to almost anyone and anywhere.This is how you can reach out to the masses and put an end to this problem.


Generally crowdfunding happens on a very tight budget. We still want our subscriber to reap the benefits of this amazing integration. Which compelled us to introduce this awesome Super Saver JGive + Invitex Bundle which we’re giving out at an awesome 20% discount!!


Now you can make sure that all your crowdfunding goals are achieved. :)

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