Joomla World Conference 2013 @ Boston ! 

180x180The second Joomla world conference is happening at Boston between 8th to 10th November.  

Techjoomla is going to #JWC13. Are you ?  If you are don't forget to meet us & get your special personal JWC discount from us !

Ashwin & Myself (Parth) will be speaking at the event too ! So do come for our sessions :) See you all soon !






Ashwin Date

Ashwin will be presenting a Case about a Joomla based Agro warehouse management app that powers one of the largest Warehouses in central India on the 8th.  
On the 9th, he shall be talking about Git based deployments for Joomla Projects

Parth Lawate

On the 8th of November, Parth will present a Case study about Kisan , a Social network & resource portal built for farmers in India for a client in India. 
On the 9th, he talks about Techjoomla's Common Payments API which any developers can use to integrate payments in their components in minutes !