As you all know the main company behind Techjoomla, Tekdi Web Solutions in engaged in developing Technology solutions from clients both for mobile & web. Recently, we completed a very interesting web project for a long time client. And today it gives me great pleasure to announce that this project was chosen as a finalist for Google's Social Impact Challenge !


About Prayas

Prayas Energy Group is a Non Profit in Pune, India which words on the local & national level in electricity regulatory and policy areas. You are read more about their activities here

The Monitoring Dashboard to improve Power Supply Quality Project

Through their new project   'Monitoring dashboard to improve power supply quality', Prayas aims to address a critical issue of lack of reliable, publicly available evidence about load shedding and supply quality. As part of this project Prayas will deploy GPRS enabled ‘Electricity Supply Monitors’ that will record and publish minute by minute data about supply quality. In next three years, we will collect supply data from over 2000 locations across India. Consumers, civil societies, researchers and regulatory commissions can use this publicly available evidence to increase accountability and demand good quality of electricity supply. 

Winners of the Challenge will receive a Global Impact Award from Google, which ‘support entrepreneurial non-profits using technology to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges’.

Help Prayas Win ! 

If you like this great idea & feel that the award should go to Prayas, head on to Google's page showing a video of the project & vote for them to help them win ! 

Vote for Prayas Today !

We really feel great to be a part of such an innovative contribution towards the society. We look forward to work on such different ideas and concepts and make this our country a much better place to live in.