April Fools is that time of the year when the most amazing & innovative content starts to float around the Web inundating all channels ! Its hard to decide what to believe & what not to believe ! The Joomla community is no exception to this rule :) 

1st April 2014 for Joomla 

1st of April 2014 has seen some pretty awesome pranks from the Joomla community. Here's a quick look at each of them . If i have missed your prank, do comment & i will update the blog post !


Watchful the popular Joomla monitoring system has introduced a Caffeine monitoring system today via a tie up with Nespresso. So if you need your coffee monitored, Watchful is for you ! Read more about it here


Ghosts from the Past !

There have been several 'releases' & blogs around April first in the Joomla world in the past.. Here are some that we compiled