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Author Pages Premium  

Free Download ( Community Supported)

Now, what is Joomla Author Pages  is all about? Well, this is a terrific extension which allows you to showcase your authors in great way, eg., Authors can be given their own page with their photo and all the information about them, displaying the latest and archived articles by that author etc. All this and more can be easily configured from backend.


The Extension Includes:

Component: to create Author Pages.
Plugin(mambot): which actually links the Author Names to their respective pages.

Features in First Release:

  • Plugin based Structure to extend Author Pages to show any kind of content authored by that author ( From other extension Eg., Photos, Videos, Blogs, Comments etc. )
  • Default Plugins give features like Author Photo, Author RSS Feed, Contact Author, Latest Articles by Author, Archived Articles by Author.
  • Templating support which allows the administrator to modify the List Authors view and Author page view to suit his needs.