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  4. Wednesday, 20 January 2016

pressing problem

I bought invitex, I installed it on my site on 17/01/2016 invitex the installation on my website was not correctly done. Now I have lots of bugs. I am unable to access and connect to the front of my site.

Today, I just perceive me "Shika" no longer works well.

I posted a note from Sunday to support. Until now I still do not have an answer. I do not know if my ticket is not picked up or set. No return !

If anyone can help me find a solution to please because it is Extremely urgent. Thank you in advance for your assistance :-)

I uninstalled invitex then I reinstall but the problem is always the same.
I restored my database before installing invitex but the problem is always the same too.

Currently I do not know what to do.

thanks for your help
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